GIF Friday: Beat It #4 (Matt Bomer)

Last week’s winner of a free book promo: David Proser. Check out the other awesome offerings of last week’s Beat It #3 with Emma Stone. This week, it’s Matt Bomer. Okay, you may just look at him… 🙂


Don’t you sometimes struggle to add the right body language description (beat) to amp up your dialog? One that conjures just the right image, is not cliché and sounds fresh?

Then this meme-type exercise is for you. Read on for a quick how-to.

GIF Matt
Matt Bomer @Jean_Nelson (
  • Take a good look at the GIF below.
  • Using the scene set up I give you, describe the body language you see just as you’d do if you were writing out the scene yourself.
  • Post your “beat” until Wednesday as a comment here, blog it, post on Facebook, wherever.
  • If you don’t post here, leave a comment with a link to where you posted, so I can find you.

I will then update this page to include all offerings I gather with links to participants’ sites or social media.

No judging, no winners. My aim is to gather lots of different body language beats describing a visual action/reaction for my readers (and yours) to read and maybe learn. An added perk: each week, I’ll choose a random participant who will get FREE book promo on my promo blog


GIF Friday #4 starring Matt Bomer


“Are you properly warmed up?” My trainer’s smirk smacked of arrogance, expecting me to stumble over his suggestive words and embarrass myself like I did yesterday. His white tank top made an even stronger statement.

I focused my gaze on the framed painting on the wall. Anywhere but on him. “Five-mile workout with increasing interval runs, fifty crunches and twenty push-ups.”

(insert beat) He motioned me to enter his studio.

Better not mention the million-calory, death-by-chocolate waffle I gobbled up right after, I thought, closing the door behind me. If I had to resist an eyeful, at least I’d have my stomach full.


I wonder why I suddenly have a strong sugar craving. Hmm… Your turn now. Remember to add a workable link in your comment so that I can credit you properly.


7 thoughts on “GIF Friday: Beat It #4 (Matt Bomer)

  1. I’d try to keep it light-hearted, in the spirit of the rest of the text. So, something like:

    “He nodded and raised his eyebrows, suitably impressed by my commitment to his training regime. Or was there a sparkle of amused disbelief in those sapphire eyes of his?”

  2. His dark gorgeous brows raise perfectly accenting the doubt I know that’s running through his mind. I’m lying and he sees right through my facade. His kissable sculpted lips hold back the words of distrust that he’s playing with, instead, a half cynical grunt escapes. He knows why, why I’m really here and to my shock he never calls me on it.

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