Happy Valentine Week!

WoL smallLast weekend, I read about a short story contest requesting a 1,000-word Valentine-themed story. I had been thinking about writing a short story lately but never got around to doing it, so I thought why not? There is no sample of my fiction writing anywhere yet, so this was the perfect opportunity. Of course, since I’m the one to complicate things, I went for a five-character, three-POV story which was kind of challenging to squeeze into one thousand words, but somehow, after bouncing some ideas off my editor Christie Stratos, I did it. What I didn’t do was read the contest’s terms thoroughly; it was open only for US citizens. Total bummer, but only for a second, as the main reason I decided to enter was to create a short story that I’d be able to share which I had done, so no actual regrets.

As I was considering various options as to where I could publish it, I was followed by Writersky on Twitter. Writersky is a platform where a writer can share complete works or ongoing WIPs, excerpts, chapters, anything! Now there was an idea! It turned out to be super user-friendly, and my story was up in minutes. Two days later, it has reached 350 views, the Writersky people have seriously promoted it on Twitter, I linked it to my Facebook page earning much needed Likes, and it looks like I have one more reason to be happy on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like to read how two Valentine gifts that are completely wrong end up spreading the love, read Web of Love and find out. Caution: there’s a spider lurking about.