Review: Devoured by Emily Snow

Lately, I’ve been venturing off the beaten path and my comfort zone in an effort to understand new reader trends. This book has erotica elements and is all about the bad-boy rock-star hero who wants what he wants when he wants it–a very popular theme lately.

However, the fact that I downloaded and read this particular book proves that a good cover can take a book a long way. But I would have easily given it only one star if the tension of the first half hadn’t gripped me.

Apart from that, Lukas is your typical rock-star jackass with a big ‘no biggie’ attitude. There is absolutely no character development for him, and he ends up coming off as weak toward the end.

Sienna is the average doormat, but her background story justifies her attitude, plus she’s not such a pushover when it comes to Lucas, so there is some substance in this character.

The heat factor that is much praised by other reviewers follows an annoying (to me) pattern: build-up through promises, of the I wanna do this and this to you type, but falls short when the Hero actually gets a chance to live up to the readers’ pumped up  expectations. Hot, explicit foreplay, glossed-over sex: is that a trend?

The prose is weak and clunky. The dialogues are limited to expletives and rarely express true emotion, and the overall plot is really non-existent. The reason the H/h separate is pretty lame and forced. However, the ending is super sweet and compensates in some way.

(And, seriously, if someone “bobbed their head” one more time,  I would self-combust!)


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