Review: Rapunzel by Molly Greene (5/5)

Cambria (Bree) Butler is at a low point in both her personal and professional life. What she least expects though is to find herself at a police station as a suspect in a murder case. Vulnerable and lost, she puts her fragile trust in the hands of her old friend, Genevieve Delacourt, an attorney-turned-detective. Together, Gen and Bree try to unweave a tangled web of lies and deception that will force Bree to get closer than ever to her inner strength–and death.

I needed a break from my emotionally charged, angsty reads so I jumped at the opportunity to review an advance copy of Molly Greene’s new mystery, Rapunzel. I’m familiar with Ms Greene’s writing as a blogger–she runs a great blog on writing and blogging–so I knew that at least her writing would be engaging. It was a whole lot more.

Instead of playing on the trend for instant gratification through a tell-all, adrenaline-inducing plot, the writer weaves an intricate story while giving you the impression that you can just lie back and enjoy a smooth ride. Wrong. “Rapunzel” is an exquisitely detailed puzzle, its pieces expertly hidden in each page of the book. So while you fall effortlessly in love with Gen and Bree, you’ll also be putting your puzzle-solving brain to work, sifting through details and descriptions that might seem they’re there to offer a glimpse into the main characters’ lives, but also serve as leads to solving a murder case. Gen and Bree are the kind of girls you want to be friends with–strong and adventurous with a vulnerable feminine side the reader can totally relate to. Their homes, families and backstory are gradually revealed to the reader in a way that proves that Ms Greene knows the golden rule of her (or any) genre: show them don’t tell them.

If you enjoy mystery stories with strong female leads and solid prose, look no further. This is your next read. As for mine? Mark of the Loon, the first Gen Delacourt mystery.

Get Rapunzel HERE


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