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Before you check out the awesome multi-genre titles brought to you by Fabulosity Books Book Tours, let me present our task as hosts of the tour: choose a book from the CATALOGUE, cast a character and explain our casting choice. The book I chose is The Funeral Singer by Linda Budzinski, and my casting choice for Melanie Martin is …


Kristen Stewart!

Well, those who know me will hardly be surprised! As if I wasn’t dying for an excuse to put Kristen on this blog! I confess to being a die-hard Kristen Stewart fan (momentary indiscretions notwithstanding), but even if that was not true, she’d still be the ideal Melanie! Check this out: she’s the teenage daughter of a mortician, who loves her rock music, has a stellar voice, and her Amazing Grace rendition at the funeral of her favorite band’s keyboard player goes viral on YouTube! She’s far from perfect as a person but tries to be honest with herself, makes a lot of mistakes and learns through them. Now tell me that Kristen in Runaways doesn’t pop in your mind? Now check out the rest of the titles and the awesome Rafflecopter giveaway!

UPDATE: The CATALOG has been updated with even lower prices! 

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GENRES: Epic fantasy, Paranorma, Romance, YA

Tour Link: March Book Frenzy

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$1.99 on Kindle
$4.35 on Kindle
$3.99 on Kindle
$3.99 on Kindle
$4.99 on Kindle
$2.99 on Kindle
$2.99 on Kindle
$2.99 on Kindle
$2.99 on Kindle
$0.99 on Kindle
$0.99 on Kindle
$2.99 on Kindle
$3.99 on Kindle

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9 thoughts on “May Book Festival by Fabulosity Reads

  1. Oh God! For the first time, I feel almost sorry we both admire Kristen! I was about to post about her and The Runaways, no kidding!! Back to the book catalogue then……Did I say how you aced the post? Of course you did! I’ll be back once I have a new choice – you naughty girl 🙂

  2. Ok, I am done. It was easy enough to find another great book to cast for. I chose “Hero for Hire” by C.B. Pratt. I invite your readers and your kind self to come find out whom I cast to play Eno the Thracian 🙂

  3. hahaha. Oh that’s so funny Fros.
    And I can so see Kristen in this role…
    I don’t actually even know how to describe this girl without making her sound morbid which is definitely not what I want to say about her LOL.

    Thanks for always having Fabulosity’s back in all events M. You rock solid!

    1. Not always, Wendy! But I enjoy your hops too much to pass (Jeez, can this be read … differently? Hope not!) 🙂

  4. Oh, you are brilliant. Thank you so much, Maria! I LOVE this! Kristen would be awesome. And that particular shot of her is too perfect.

    (BTW, I just want to note for your readers that the price on my book is incorrect–no fault of MM Jaye’s as there was a glitch in the image coding–and my book is actually $2.99 on Amazon and B&N.)

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Linda! The Hop is a great opportunity to meet new authors and great titles like The Funeral Singer! I added a link with the amended catalog prices.

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