Nicholas C. Rossis on Sale: All books now 99c

This is a series not to miss. Seriously. To drive my point home, I’m inserting my review of the bundle:

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the three books in the Pearseus series, and I’m not a big sci-fi/fantasy fan. But these books offer so much! Are you a history buff? Test yourself, deciphering the amazing analogies presented here. Do you appreciate philosophy? Existentialism and a Cartesian outlook are expertly woven into the stories. Are those aspects too profound, and you’re looking for hot action and fleshed-out relatable characters? Stay put. Are you skeptical, thinking that those fantasy tales spread themselves too thin in plots and sub-plots? (I usually am.) The author here has placed each character’s point of view in a separate short chapter, so that you can follow the story and the character’s thoughts clearly, eliminating confusion. Oh, and the writing is excellent!

All in all, I highly recommend this series.


Nicholas C. Rossis

All of Nicholas C. Rossis books on sale, August 20-27

In case you’ve missed the huge sale banner on my blog (and it’s okay if you have, I, too, filter out banners and such most of the time), here’s the deal:

Between the 20th and 27th, all of my books will be only 99c!

As I’ve kept the book prices on various offers for a while now, this is the last chance (for a few months, anyway) to get the best-selling Pearseus epic fantasy books for less than a cup of coffee.

You can also grab a copy of The Power of Six, which contains seven short sci-fi stories, plus a bonus link to an otherwise unreleased one. Again, eight short stories for less than a cup of joe. So, don’t be shy, give it a try (sorry, I always wanted to say that!).

Any help getting the word out,will be much appreciated! 🙂

Buy Links:

Buy the Pearseus epic fantasy bundle (3…

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