4 Tips To Boost Your Writing Confidence by Ray Gates

I absolutely loved this post! Although I’ve read dozens of similar, empowering efforts offering advice I appreciated, I couldn’t put it to use. Ray’s tips, though, are “doable” in my little world, and I’m writing this about a month after he posted his article to prove to myself and you, dear reader, that this is solid advice: I’ve completed the first chapter of Fate Captured, the prequel to Fate Accomplis, my first contemporary romance with a November release date. See? It works! Over to you, Ray! (Click on the title to go to Ray’s site.)

You Really Can Write Every Day: My 4 Tips (via http://raygates.me)

If you’ve ever tried to be a writer, at some point you will no doubt have come across the sagely advice that to become a good writer, you must write every single day. There is certainly truth to this: writing is a skill, and like any skill, the more…


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