Vivid (Friday Fictioneers #1)

What an awesome idea! A picture prompt, a 100-word story every Friday that links dozens of writer bloggers! Thank you, Rochelle Wishoff-Fields!

Here’s my first attempt entitled “Vivid”.

Copyright Erin Leary
Picture Prompt – Copyright Erin Leary



The foreground is crisp and clear just like the breeze wafting in from the open window. I need mossy green. Perfect. Now burnt orange. A drop of blood red gives me persimmon. I shrug. Sepia, tawny strokes slash my canvas. I cock my head. The gnarly twigs give me a thumbs-up. Two flicks of my wrist, and I add vertical lines. Then a dewy drop at the tip to soften their descent. I ponder on the foggy background. I let it be.

One deep breath, and I open my eyes. Feeling for the edge of the window panes, I shut the breeze out and count the five steps to the door, smiling.


I’d love your feedback! Also, if you’d like to check out other bloggers’ stories for this prompt, click on the linky:


49 thoughts on “Vivid (Friday Fictioneers #1)

    1. The photo is indeed beautiful; I’m not sure my interpretation does it justice, but it led me there. Thanks for stopping by!

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