The Psychology of Colors in Marketing (Fiverr Blog)

We all know that colors trigger spontaneous visceral reactions. Personal preferences should be factored in (I’ll never switch to Vodafone—I do not like red as the predominant color anywhere) but there are staples as shown by the awesome infographic presented in the Fiverr Blog.

What connotations are hidden behind Purple? And what should you expect if you go for Red? I chose Blue here as I wanted a tie-in with the Aegean blue featured in Fate Accompli, my upcoming debut novel (to be released in November), but it turns out that blue exudes a sense of security and trustworthiness. It’s beautiful too…

To read the whole article click here or on the inforgraphic.

From Fiverr Blog

Very shareable, non?


12 thoughts on “The Psychology of Colors in Marketing (Fiverr Blog)

    1. Why am I not surprised? You’re too vivacious not to like red. Having read you, I can bet a good lump of doe that you’re not a Cancer like me 😉

      1. To be fair in clothes I prefer more subtle colours like salmon and coral especially in the summer…but the leather comes out in winter 😉 wonder if I can find a red leather jacket… Well my planet is mars after all and element fire – Aries through and through (apart from the selfish quality I hope)!

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