Empty Room (Friday Fictioneers #5)

I took part in this weekly challenge four weeks in a row last spring, and I enjoyed the ride a lot! This flash fiction Friday event is both fun and a great writing exercise. A picture prompt, a 100-word story that links dozens of awesome writer bloggers! Thank you, Rochelle Wishoff-Fields!

Photo Prompt – Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Who would have thought?

All it took was a glance at the girl who sat across from me—wild hair held up by an electric blue scrunchie, bold red lips, her stone-washed jeans leaving her midriff bare—and the melody blasted into my mind with such astonishing clarity, I plucked out the folded snack paper bag I’d shoved into my back pocket, snatched the pencil out of the fingers of the Sudoku-solving man sitting beside me and scribbled down the chords.

It had been ten years. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to call Roland. It was time.

92 words


The first thing I saw when looking at this week’s picture was the Tears for Fears album cover. I just heard Roland Orzabal’s voice in my head 🙂

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32 thoughts on “Empty Room (Friday Fictioneers #5)

  1. Lol – Roland, huh? Now you’re just dating us… 😀

    I loved both idea and execution! 🙂

    The first part feels a bit like a run-on sentence. I might have broken it in two:

    “…and the melody blasted into my mind with astonishing clarity. I plucked out the folded snack paper bag…”

    I loved the image of the girl – the blue scrunchie, the bare midriff, the red lips… You’ve painted quite the vivid picture!

    1. Thanks, Nicholas! I was going for a run-on sentence to create momentum, but I guess I should have cut it sooner. I dated myself… You did your dating! LOL!

  2. I hope he keeps that paper bag somewhere safe. I like the pace of this, and the character. He must have seen many colourful, midriff-bearing girls over the ten years of ‘drought’ without this result. Who can say what inspiration really is? A mystery. It was obviously just his time.

    1. Indeed! That works for writers, too! It takes one to know one, as they say… 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  3. Dear Maria,

    I’m certainly the one receiving an education this week. Heretofore I’d never heard of Tears for Fears. Now it seems that album in my son’s music room has inspired a few to write about them in one way or another. Frankly, I’m enjoying the music as I enjoyed your story. Well done. I, too, liked the Sudoko-solving man.



    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Rochelle! This is your son’s music room? I’m sure he’s shared with you amazing music! My little one seems musically inclined, but she’s only four… Maybe one day, if I get rich selling books 😉 i’ll be able to build her a music room such as this…

      1. We recently visited Shannon and his wife. This room was where we slept. There’s so much more to the room. Here’s a clip for you. A little mom pride here. My son’s the one in purple. How appropriate is that?

        1. That was awesome, Rochelle! I can see the family resemblance 🙂 You must be very proud! Although the experimentalism in this track is not exactly my cup of tea, I do love the chorus! Thank you so much for sharing! (Lots of exclamation marks!!!) I will head over to YouTube to post a comment…

  4. Well, I most CERTAINLY knew who Tears For Fears were! In fact, this is the second one I have read with them being mentioned. Pretty cool. I remember my youth dancing to them at parties and clubs (even though they only had two hits in the USA). The good old days. Nice, MM Jaye! Good to see you again.

    1. Thank you so much! Here in Greece, we had the two hits you remember plus another couple maybe… But the singer’s voice is very characteristic (just like Dave Gahan’s, the singer of Depeche Mode, which you might also remember). Thanks for stopping by!

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